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RiseSmart is led by an accomplished and experienced group of industry leaders who share a passion for creating positive change for organizations and their employees.

Management Team

Joel Paul

Joel Paul

General Manager

Joel Paul has been instrumental in the establishment and rapid growth of RiseSmart India Pvt. Ltd. As a founding member of operations in India, Paul has successfully lead the growth of RiseSmart India from just 2 people in 2008 to 100 team members in 2017. In his role as General Manager, Paul is responsible for the commercial, operational, and financial results of RiseSmart India.

A ten-year veteran of RiseSmart, Paul continues to innovate and expand the company’s presence in India and is a key contributor to RiseSmart’s overall success globally. Paul brings his talents as a motivational leader, effective negotiator, and strategic entrepreneur to his role, placing him at the center of operations in India where he continues to achieve phenomenal revenue growth while providing exceptional service to RiseSmart customers.

Previously, Paul served as training manager at iPlace India Pvt Ltd. and training and recruitment manager at Envisionize Services.

Ved Prakash Dubey

Ved Prakash Dubey

Vice President, Engineering

As leader of the Engineering team in Pune, India, Ved Prakash Dubey is responsible for development of RiseSmart’s award-winning solutions and ongoing rapid global expansion through significant and continuous improvements to the technology architecture, technical infrastructure, and software development tools and processes.

Previously, Ved served as RiseSmart’s Senior Director, Engineering. In this role, he was instrumental in the expansion of the engineering team and key to the success of numerous technology initiatives.

Ved has over 22 years’ experience, including as Director of Product Development at Symphony Teleca (now Harman Connected Services). He earned his BE, Computer Science degree from College of Engineering, Pune.

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